The Lead Guitar Track Episode 2 (Legacy Lesson) was a site for training on how to develop lead guitar schools.

In lesson 2 we discuss and practice hearing major and minor keys and dig into our first finger exercise.

I created the Lead Guitar Track a while back. I thought I’d share these here for any who find it helpful. I’ll be revisiting these ideas, but you can still get some helpful insights from these.

So glad that you’re back.

It’s time to really start moving.
This week we’ll talk about major and minor keys. You have homework. Watch the video the find out more. Once you know what you need to do (hint: find a major and a minor song and post the links below THEN try to find the key the song is in and post that), post it on this page below.
Next, check out the gear section. check out the link to my band in high school where I play my first guitar:
HEY! Why don’t you tell me about your first guitar!
Finally, the first exercise.
Here is exercise 1:

Don’t forget to do your homework AND comment and add questions below.

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