Introducing the Lead Guitar Track (Legacy Lesson) was a site for training on how to develop lead guitar schools. This was the first training video I made. I think it can still be helpful.

This was the very first episode I released as I was dreaming about what I could do to help other guitar players improve their skills. I’ll be revisiting some of these ideas, but I think it is still worth sharing.

Introducing the lead guitar track.The video provides the basic introduction and everything you need to know, but to sum up: Want to learn to play lead guitar… I mean… you create something rather than just be able to play those tired songs from the radio? That’s what this is for. It’s time to get that guitar out, or FINALLY go pick up that guitar that’s been calling out your name.

Let’s get rocking!

Hey! If this sounds like something you’ll use, comment below. Let me know what you think.

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