(PRODUCT)RED iPhone Case

Apple’s (Product)RED iPhone Silicone case is the new case of choice for my Phablet – A comfortable, fashionable way to do good with my purchases.

We all have tremendous power. What we choose to do or even buy, can affect someone’s life on the other side of the world.


I have to admit those words seem difficult to believe when we gain convenience, utility, and enjoyment from our purchases. Every two years I have the epic “first world” battle. Which phone do I chose? How much can I spend to upgrade? How much storage is helpful? Now, the most important question… “should I get a powerful phone that is too big for a comfortable fit in my pocket, or one that is just ridiculously large?”

Of course, I went with the non-phone. 6 Plus users, can we admit this thing is too big? If wexting (walking and texting at the same time) wasn’t difficult enough when I could reach every corner of the screen, I must now involve both hands. The iPhone 6s Plus sure is nice though. I do still have a few days left if I want to return it for it’s smaller counterpart, but I think I’ll stay put.

While I am one who favors the raw design of these phones over the clumsy, bulky cases used by many, I realistically expect to drop and damage my phone, particularly one I feel myself balance often as I shift hand positions. I need a case, but which will offer protection with minimum size impact and maximum style?

So, just a few days after the release of an Apple case that defies all logic, I thought I’d through in a positive word on Apple and write about my (PRODUCT)RED Silicone case.

If you haven’t heard about the phone case that caused a shift in the Earth’s orbit with a global clap as the world’s tech audience shared a collective face-palm, check out the new, smart battery case.

Alright, enough of that. Back to something pretty.

Apple really does make a great case. I knew the leather and the silicone offerings were a great option, and I knew about (RED) and their work with Apple. To be honest, it was a simple choice. It only takes a few glances to recognize the size and comfort tradeoffs with other options. My bigger concern was doing good with my purchase.

The facts: AIDS has killed more than 34 million people since its discovery in 1983. More than 37 million people are living with HIV, and mothers continue to pass the virus in startling numbers to their children.

Life-saving anti-retroviral treatments cost less than 40 cents a day, yet most AIDS victims won’t see medicine in their lifetime.

– red.org

An Aids (FREE) Generation

(RED) has raised over 325 million dollars to support the work of The Global Fund affecting the lives of 60 million people.

The Center for Global Development provides a helpful overview of the Global Fund with some high praise saying,

Unlike many other donors, the Global Fund has adopted a model that provides funding to country governments and in-country stakeholders based solely on proposals and implementation plans designed by the countries themselves. As a result of its new approach, and its ability to raise funds, the Global Fund has rapidly become one of the most significant aid mechanisms. It now provides 20% of global funding for HIV/AIDS, and 66% of the funding for tuberculosis and malaria.

Center for Global Development

 I don’t know a lot about the Global Fund, but I see a passionate organization addressing a desperate cause with creativity and beautiful products. My case feels great in my hand, looks great, and in addition to the benefit of a good case, it’s making a difference. Check out this and other (RED) products here.

*Also, I threw in the focus of my next post in the featured image with this post.