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My friends on Facebook may have seen my post this past week where I shared some news:


So… it’s true. I’ve purchased the domain,, as the new home for my… hobbusiness??? I call it that because I’m not really expecting this will become a massive money-maker or my new career, but an outlet for me to share who I am, and try to help others to develop their skills. I do kind of hope I can give some material that people find  valuable enough to pay for. That will help to compensate for some of my time, and enable to me to do more.

If I really want to share and help others, I thought it would be valuable to invite you along for the journey. There are some aspects of this process I’m familiar with, where there are other things I’ve never done. I know a lot of friends who have similar ambitions, but just don’t know how to make it happen, or just need the encouragement to take those next steps. That’s really what I’d like to do.

I’m not posting this process for aspiring guitarists, but aspiring creators who just need some encouragement to do that thing they’ve wanted to do for a while, but just didn’t know how to get started.

So… this is really early on, and I’ve not even researched what I really need to make it happen, but I’m in. It could fail, but that’s not the point. Actually, I don’t think failure is possible, because success won’t be based on visitors or income. It’s just something I need to do. Really, the risk isn’t great. The expectations are low. I’m just doing it. Don’t we need stuff like that? What a great way to develop!

Do you have something like that? Maybe it’s an idea around a skill that you haven’t developed fully. Maybe it’s something you’re really good at doing, but you’ve just not shared it with the world for whatever reason. I believe there have to be others with that kind of spirit inside of them.

Would you join me?

Maybe your project isn’t a website. That’s great! I’d love to hear about it. Here’s why:

You’ve got to commit to do something before anything actually gets done.

You know the phrase, “skin in the game.” Do you really think you’ll ever do that thing you’ve wanted to do until you give a down-payment and commit? What’s your skin? What’s your earnest money?

Mine was a domain. It’s a minimal investment, but it’s a start. It means I’ve assigned a name to my thing, and I’ve given it a bit of life. It’s a real thing now. It still might not go anywhere, but I’m invested. Maybe that’s where you need to start. If so, there are a lot of great domain hosts. Our websites are hosted with, so I grabbed my domain with my account to keep it all in the family. If you don’t have a domain, you could grab one from if you’d prefer. If you do, use the coupon code Film Riot at checkout and get 25% off your purchase and support the team over at Triune Films. Ryan Connolly started Film Riot as a way to teach filmmakers as he learns and grows in his own career. I’ve watched for a while and have respected his commitment and vulnerability. He definitely has a goal like what I’m trying to do here. They are worth supporting. Oh! and check out a couple of the films they’ve release for the Halloween season. I really enjoyed this video. It looks like it might be a bloody mess. It won’t be, if that encourages you to go and take a look:

If filmmaking is that thing you’ve wanted to do, be sure to add Film Riot to your subscriptions.

Back on track…

Who’s in?

Maybe follow a couple posts if you’re not sure if you want to take part. I plan to talk about the tools I’ll use and a bit about how I make them work for the project. I’ll start by talking about the basics of domains so you can understand what a domain does for you. I’m definitely going to host my website on WordPress using a theme I’ll be developing. You’ll get some pointers on hosting a website and using WordPress with some html and CSS sprinkled in along the way. We’ll talk some video gear and other tools needed to launch the site and deliver the training. It’s a pretty broad process. Hopefully you’ll find something useful along the way.

Let me know by commenting on social media posts, or here if you find something that’s been helpful. Definitely share your project. Hopefully it’ll encourage others as well.



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