A Sleeve to Protect More Than Your iPad

It’s a sleeve for your iPad that brings awareness and gives you helpful travel tips to for the safety of children and the success of struggling families through Friends-International.

It’s a bit of a trek to get one of your own

Every year my wife and lead a team trip with Destiny Rescue. I say it all the time, but it is absolutely true. My first trip changed my life. More than the fun of riding an elephant, the gross-out factor of eating a tarantula, learning the culture in two beautiful countries, you see the reality of the sex trade by visiting a red-light district. That part would be completely useless if it weren’t for the visit to homes to visit with passionate workers who have risked and sacrificed to serve. To be honest, that sacrifice doesn’t seem as immense once you then spend time with the boys and girls served by Destiny Rescue. Sure, there is a lot of difficulty these children have faced, but the beauty and value in each person with their own voice, personality, and future is what gets me. I’m not so wrapped up in the neat and tidy ideas of their future, but the unique, unmistakable beauty in each smile, look of disinterest, celebration, and struggle. Each year I am challenged, broken, and encouraged to continue doing everything I can to help people to engage with the issue of the exploitation of children by supporting Destiny Rescue.

While on these trips, we visit the valuable partners of Destiny Rescue. Destiny Rescue isn’t the answer to human trafficking. We play one particular part in a play that will take all of us doing what we can to help victims and survivors. For Destiny Rescue, these partners give options for training and employment to young women and men as they prepare for a safe future. We’re served by them as they learn to cook and care for customers. We visit their operations where they make beautiful products like the jeans I blogged about.

In November our team visited one project that employs some of the young women. The restaurant was remarkable. I grabbed 10 tarantulas, a Cambodian delicacy for the table, and followed that up with a tasty, fire ant soup.

IMG 0683

I thought you might enjoy that image. Let’s call him “Harry.” And yes, Harry was consumed by yours truly.

While at this project, we shopped in the restaurant store where a number of products by other organizations who are doing good. It took moments before I said loudly, “Oooo!!!! Time for a new blog post!”

The Good

Dave Blog 15

Friends-International reaches out to at risk children and families to give basic needs to help them to survive, employment and education to secure a future, and innovative social enterprises to develop holistic, sustainable solutions to families in need.

The Sleeve

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The sleeve is nice. I don’t need much here. I just need a case, and it delivers. To be honest, it’s not even terribly cool looking, but I kind of like that because it caries a message. ChildSafe is an initiative of Friends-International created to bring about change beyond the reach of their services to families and children. They recognize that success demands the voice of NGOs and passionate people working to protect children.

This is achieved by training and supporting key and strategic members of communities, raise awareness and promoting behavior change among the general population and supporting behaviour change among tourists and travelers to reduce their social footprint.
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Purchases include a booklet with travel tips to help tourists understand more about what they experience as they see the sights in Cambodia.

Here are some pretty helpful tips for your next trip taken from the ChildSafe Movement Tip Page:

  • Tip 1 – THINK! Children are not tourist attractions – let’s not treat them like they are.
  • Tip 2 – THINK! Volunteering with children feels good but could be harmful – look for better ways to help them.
  • Tip 3 – THINK! Children pay a price for your generosity – don’t give to begging children.
  • Tip 4 – THINK! Professionals know best – call them if a child needs help.
  • Tip 5 – THINK! Sex with children is a crime – report child sex tourism.
  • Tip 6 – THINK! Children should not be at work instead of school – report child labor.
  • Tip 7 – THINK! Protect children – be a ChildSafe traveler.

Again, check out the tip page for more info on each tip.

So, the point of this post is not really to sell the idea of the iPad sleeve, although it’s made from recycled material, and definitely provides value by raising awareness and bring education to tourist and services to the vulnerable. This post is really more about the education provided by Friends International. Definitely take some time to become more familiar with this resource as you prepare for your next trip with Destiny Rescue, or just on your next vacation.

They do have a catalog, but the sleeve isn’t in there, and I don’t see a great way to order products. To pick one up of your own, I guess you just need to go and sign up to join the two of us on our next trip with Destiny Rescue in August of this year (and there is only limited space remaining). Tarantulas are on me.

*special thanks to Marah for her product photography. Check out more of her work at marahgrant.com