Upcycled Fire Hose Belt from Brothers We Stand

It’s all about options!

This is my second belt review on my site and my first post presenting a second option in a category. Check out my review of the Revy belt from Creative Women of the World. That’s pretty exciting to me for two reasons:

  1. I’ve actually done this long enough to say my Shopping for Good commitment is a “thing.” I sometimes struggle to keep on going with something. One example is my Lead Guitar Track that I do hope to pick back up at some point.

  2. There really are options out there that make it possible to make ethical decisions when we buy. That’s a pretty important and hopeful thing.

That makes me happy, and I think sometimes we need bits of good news to remind ourselves of hope.

So here’s a bit of hopeful goodness on this Independence Day from some of our British friends.

If you haven’t read my last post on Brothers We Stand, definitely check it out.

While shopping, this belt from Elvis & Kresse caught my eye and I had to order it.

Made from reclaimed British fire hose from the London Fire Brigade, the look is rustic, but bright. I’ve also had a bit of an infatuation with the color red since my (Product)Red iPhone case, so into the shopping cart it goes.

… waiting for the international shipping…

and here it is!

As I would expect from Brothers We Stand, the unboxing was a great experience.

Elvis and Kresse Belt 1

Just like the shirt I ordered with the belt, a personalized letter explained the impact of my purchase:

Your Elvis & Kresse belt is made from genuine reclaimed British fire hose. Almost ten years after a chance meeting with the London Fire Brigade, Elvis & Kresse are rescuing every single one of London’s fire hoses just as the hoses themselves have rescued Londoners in the past.

The letter continues explaining how the Co-founder, Kresse Wesling MBE describes their process as “backwards designers” because they start with the materials first, then found the perfect product that bring the materials to life. This ensures useful materials don’t end in landfills and are put to use in the best way possible.

Elvis and Kresse Belt 2

Elvis and Kresse Belt 4

The belt itself came in a box wrapped with strips of the firehose providing a bit of a sneak peek. NICE TOUCH!

The box reads Rieker Antistress, a high-end, German shoe company, in bold letters. I can’t find any connection to the product on their website, from Brothers We Stand, or Elvis & Kresse, so I’m guessing this is either reusing materials in their boxing, or just the source of their boxes.

The belt has a product tag consisting of cardboard and a piece of the firehose. On one side of the cardboard is instructions to adjust the one-size-fits-all belt. On the other is more information about the belt and the packaging, explaining the Rieker branding mentioned above saying the materials are all made from reclaimed materials including:

“reclaimed tea sacks, shoe boxes, printing blankets, parachute silk and old coffee sacks. Our raw materials were all previously destined for landfills.”

Mystery solved.

The tag closes with a special added statement explaining:

50% of profits are donated to charities related to the waste.

Way to go, Elvis and & Kresse.

Here is the belt in all it’s glory:

People Tree Dot 4

I’m very happy with this belt. It has a great mix of polish and tough. The material really is quite amazing, and the slider approach seems like it will really help the rubber to last and not having a traditional buckle approach dig in and wear away.

Check out their other products for men. I am impressed, and for only $35 USD, this is definitely a great, affordable option for someone looking for a unique look in a great belt.

When you are shopping to grab this belt, or any of the other products at Brothers We Stand, enter my name “David Grant” at checkout and you’ll get 15% off your order AND I’ll get a store credit.


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