DSTLD Raw Denim Jeans

Men’s Raw Denim Jeans from DSTLD

These are high quality jeans that look and feel classic, clean, and comfortable. DSTLD has hit a home run. I’m looking forward to my next round.

A couple of years ago I saw a promotion for these jeans by a company called 20 Jeans for $10 a pair. They looked great and seemed like a reputable company from Los Angeles, so I thought I’d give them a try. You can’t lose for $10 a pair, can you? I really liked them, but the retail price was more in line with some of the jeans I was already used to buying, so I didn’t feel the need to keep buying from them. Honestly, I wonder if the $10 special actually made me look at them as a bargain brand. I liked the look of the email advertisements I kept getting, so I decided I’d just keep them coming until I saw another deal. Over time the branding changed. I can’t find details, but I believe 20 Jeans was a sub brand of DSTLD that was eventually dissolved. Not the point of this story, but I’m sorry if that is incorrect.

I can’t remember how I heard about them again, but somewhere along the line I saw their stance on ethical apparel, and suddenly DSTLD was back in the mix.

We demand a higher standard not just in denim, but also in labor practices and conditions. We carefully screen our suppliers, laundries, and factories to ensure our products are fairly manufactured and 100% sweatshop-free.

Our line is equipped with top-of-the-line premium fabrics, many of them eco-friendly and fully sustainable. When possible, we use natural dyes and softening techniques to achieve our denim’s striking range of hues and irresistibly soft handfeel.

The goal of our direct-to-you, middleman-free stance is not only to filter out extra steps and excess markup. It is also an effort to preserve the integrity of our line and honor our relationship with clients.


And best of all, if you pay attention, you can still find great deals. I grabbed a pair of the SLIM 12.75OZ RAW DENIM JEANS IN 24-DIP INDIGO – TIMBER for $45 down from their traditional retail rate of $180. Great style and quality without the luxury price tag is the goal. DSTLD accomplishes this in 2 ways:

As our name suggests, we focus on simple design, superior quality, and a pared-down product selection in order to deliver the perfect core wardrobe. We’re inspired by understated, modern style and live by a fundamental, edited color palette: black, white, grey, and denim.

We forgo middlemen (department stores and boutiques) to offer premium denim and luxury essentials at about 1/3 the traditional retail price. We don’t cut any corners – our products are manufactured in the same factories as notable designer labels.


Often price is a big complaint when I talk to people about the benefits of making ethical purchasing decisions. I don’t understand all the complicated factors that allow DSTLD to do what they do, but I definitely like what I see, and I plan to keep buying from them.

So, what do I think of the jeans?

The comfort and warmth of my JC Denim jeans, Now Outland Denim, will keep those at the top of my list. I’ll be surprised if I ever find another pair like those. I am also very partial to the hands that made them. Check out my post here. BUT, the JC Denim jeans are SO SOFT, they are HOT! It’s like thick pajamas. I just put in our window AC units. It’s hot outside! DSTLD jeans are fantastic, lighter option with the structure to hold up to a beating.

Out of the package, the jeans were stiff, which is to be expected. I’ve been wearing them now for two months, and they feel great. The slim cut is perfect. I am always concerned the slim will go the way of the skinny jean which I am wanting to avoid. This is a classic fit that avoids the loose frump that can come with loose-fitting jeans.

The sizing is right on, which unfortunately for this pair didn’t work out as well as I would have liked. I usually wear a 32×34, but I always freak out about jeans from new companies. I don’t want to spend money and find they run a bit small. I’m also on a slightly higher swing in my weight and just didn’t want to add to my stack of “goal jeans,” so I went for 34×34. Sizing is true, so I have a bit of space to fill with these. They stay up though, so they are still a favorite.

These are high quality jeans that look and feel classic, clean, and comfortable. DSTLD has hit a home run. I’m looking forward to my next round at the correct size (Again, not a complaint. This was my doing, and I’m still a big fan of this pair).

If you would like to order a pair, follow this link and get $10 off your purchase. I’ll get a discount on my next order too.