Big Change Starts Small

It’s about time my desire to see the world change impacts the decisions I make. Find out how my choices are changing to help others.

“The reality, I believe, is that all change starts small. The big picture is just too unwieldy, too incomprehensible and seemingly immovable. But give us something individual, quantifiable and personalize-able and, suddenly, our perspective shifts to the one.”
– Mick Ebeling

My job provides an opportunity for me to invite others to take part in the beautiful, life-changing work of Destiny Rescue. I am often struck by how fortunate I am to experience the impact of the stories I share, and even more, the choices people make to use their voice, to give up a vacation, or even to move their family to the other side of the world. Of course, our decision to work for Destiny Rescue is a sacrifice, but what a fantastic responsibility. I often feel conflicted because of the goodness I receive just by doing my job. I want to give too! I want to do what I can to make this world a better place.

Two years ago I presented on Human Trafficking to a group of students. I encouraged them to take action where they are now believing their voice can influence their world now – rejecting the idea they are “too young” to be concerned with these kinds of things. One young woman raised her hand and asked me if I had a resource for where they can find good products they can buy and not feed an industry of slavery. There are sites like that, but what I felt affected by was the challenge she received to act. If I had extended that challenge, how could I not take the same seriously for me?

That is what I hope to do.

I don’t intend my site to become a resource for fair trade or ethical products, although I hope to share some information and links to help others looking for answers. I want to accept my challenge and begin making the needed adjustments to my life to remove negative impact, and begin providing opportunity and hope through my purchases. I hope I urge and point others to good products so you can join me.

I will begin purchasing and reviewing brands and products I find.

Let me know if you find it valuable. Definitely share brands you love.

Hey! It’s just one area of my life where I can make better choices, but it’s an important one. Each of those choices impact real hands, and I want them to have a better life. Let’s take those small needed steps that can end with big change.