CapeAble Sensory Products

Everything about CapeAble makes me happy. I’ve been sitting here for a while now trying to think up a good way to capture what I think about this company. I don’t know if it’s the energy that seems to explode out of Marna Pacheco or the creativity of Susan Hickok, but I ended up with these five “P” words. It seems fun and appropriate, in keeping with the time I’ve spent with these two ladies. I tried for “C” words, but “P” is where I landed. So, for the sake of this post… “caPeable” is all of these things.



My favorite companies are ones seeking to solve important problems. I cannot imagine something more important than the need a mother has to help her child find her dignity, her strength, and her voice.


CapeAble weighted products designed to help those with sensory needs — calming and equipping with what is needed to be everything they are.


What a combo these two women are. Marna’s energy and drive matched with Susan’s creative design talent, and the way the two of these mix and enhance one another made me feel, from the first time I met them, “These two have what it takes!”


This is going to be brief because I want you to watch the video above and check out their site, but WOW! In the short time Marah and I had shooting the footage of the interaction between Marna and her daughter while making this video, Millie blew me away. This beautiful girl has a ton of love and fun to experience. It was remarkable to see how the wearable cape calmed her and helped her engage with her world.


CapeAble is more than the 1-2 punch. I guess I’m saying it’s the 1-2-3-4-5 Punch. We have a few CapeAble products in our house. The lap pad is super warm and soothing with multiple uses. I’ve enjoyed the calming effect of wrapping it around my neck. We have a fidget which I’ve found is a great outlet for my nervous energy – and entertainment for nieces and nephews. We have the blanket on our bed, and it is, hands down the warmest and most pleasant experience when getting into bed on a cold night.

These are HIGH END products that change the world for their customers. Please spend some time shopping and learning about CapeAble.