The Best Jeans Ever

The bar is admittedly low. First, I don’t purchase expensive jeans. Second, these jeans are made by young women who mean a lot to me. Although I would buy them for that second reason alone, these jeans from JC Denim are absolutely great. Let me tell you why.

The Verdict: AWESOME!

I figured… why make you wait. You should just go now and buy your own pair.

I’m going to do my best to be fair here, but It’s a bit like a parent trying to even consider if their child’s artwork could possibly not be a Van Gogh.

This is why.

It was three and a half years ago now when I first went to Cambodia on one of Destiny Rescue’s team trips. I remember seeing young, talented women producing these rock-solid jeans. I knew at that point I was going to own a pair of my own. It took me long enough, and I honestly have no excuse, but now that I have tasted the goodness of these denim dreams, I’m already preparing for pair number two.

Vocational opportunities are crucial for the success of Destiny Rescue. Survivors must have a valuable, sustainable alternative to ensure employment, security, and a future. If you aren’t familiar with one of the main business options Destiny Rescue provides, you MUST check out Destiny Threads.

Often in a job, passion wanes over the years. I find the opposite. I am more and more passionate as time goes on. My heart aches for victims and leaps for the healing and strength of survivors. That passion is a powerful thing. Some days it makes me want to quit. Some days, like today, it motivates strong “discussions” about issues as our staff believe completely in the work they are invested in – nod to Cory Nickols, our Regional Manager in Los Angeles. But this is the most powerful thing I have done with my life. I will never be the same from that first trip, and over and over as I am inspired by hearts who join in this beautiful mission.

On to the review.

  • Unboxing
    I’m a sucker for the unboxing experience. I understand this might be a controversial statement, but that is one of the reasons I love Apple products. There is something very powerful and fun about the finesse of opening a well-packaged product. I was curious what I’d find when my jeans arrived. To be honest, I was concerned at first. The jeans arrived in a narrow box that had suffered from a small amount of shipping damage, but that didn’t stop me. I tore in and my concerns were all assuaged. Just look at the understated perfection of the experience. I cannot think of a more proper way to present the jeans. It makes me feel my jeans were cared for in the same way I know the young women are treated – with care and love. Alright. Maybe I’m being a bit dramatic here, but come on. Look! It’s just well done. Great job folks at JC Denim.


  • Personalization
    When I first went to order my jeans, there was a problem on the JC Denim website. For some reason my card wouldn’t work. I’m guessing it has something to do with the international purchase. I wrote them and asked if there were a way to use Paypal. Not only did they help me out quickly, but they corrected the site to allow for others to avoid this issue for future purposes. So… since you’ve already ordered your jeans, you know Paypal works just fine. That brief communication did let them know that I work for Destiny Rescue. It made opening my package extra special to see the care they put into packaging to customize their note for me. Although they may not know the backstory behind other orders, I have no reason to doubt the same care goes into each. Nice touch! I’m keeping this!

  • Details
    I’m not an expert here, but I can say everything looks top notch. Seams are perfect and strong. The branding and patch look perfect. There is something substantial about these jeans that I just haven’t seen in the $100 and less jeans that I’ve owned. Yes. That’s what these cost after conversion. Really! I’m impressed. I was ready to pay closer to the $150 without batting an eye. I knew it’d be less, but I really didn’t care how much less. I was ready to buy, and boy am I happy.Here’s one little thing that I noticed… and I actually like it even if I might have done things just a little differently. On the inside of the jeans, there is a tag that reads“Handcrafted by Srey / Thank You”

    Fantastic touch! The tag is upside down from the other tags. I don’t know if that was a mistake, but it looks a little strange. You can read the other tags by looking straight at the back of the jeans from the front, but this one you read by looking down on the back. Just an interesting choice, but it definitely made me notice. Maybe that was the point. The other part of that tag that made me smile is the name. I love the respect and desire to protect the dignity of the young women who made the jeans. Srey just means “girl.” I suppose it is possible that my jeans were made by someone with that name, but more likely this tag represents the freedom and value of this survivor. To that, I say “Thank YOU, Srey!”
  • Feel
    I made this statement at an event where I spoke this past weekend. I didn’t mean it to be a joke, but I heard a good amount of laughter. I only speak the truth. It feels like I’m wearing pajamas! These things are soft and comfortable. No joke! They have become my new travel jeans, heck, my everything jeans. Get used to seeing these puppies around town. They are my new regulars.
  • Fit
    For those of you who are my Facebook friend or follow me on Instagram, you saw I received the jeans over a week ago. I wanted to really get a good feel for the jeans before I wrote this post. The primary reason was for fit. I usually wear a 32/34. I had to chose between a 32 or a 34. Being an Australian company, I was concerned they may run small. You know… there’s a lot of buzz about the size of us Americans. I thought I’d be safer to get a pair that might be slightly big over slightly small. I ordered the 34s. I’m not disappointed, but they do run big. My next pair will definitely be 32s. They came with a nice booklet explaining how to care for quality jeans. I’ve worn them in and wanted to wait until after I gave them a wash just to see if they’d shrink. They didn’t, but they are definitely still a nice and usable fit.
  • Quality
    I already said I don’t know much in this area, so beyond just saying “time will tell” and “I love them,” I’ll just let you know what model I ordered. I went with the Country Traveller because… that sounds fun. I’ve tried to dress my age these days (I’m almost 34 now. Just crazy!). The Jagger Jeans are a skinny jean, and I’ve now been on this earth longer than the Jesus and decided he wouldn’t have worn skinny jeans, so I decided to look at the other two options. TRUTH: I still own (and wear) skinny jeans. I think I’ll go for the Vanguard with my next pair. it seems like more of a boot cut where I think the Country Traveller is more of a straight leg. Here’s what the description says:

A straight-leg, straight-talking cut for the practical man, designed with durability in mind. Extra leg length so they won’t ride up. Hand crafted in Cambodia. Designed in Australia. Stretch-denim, five-pocket, heavy-duty stitching, quality jean.

Hey! I’m a straight-talking, practical man with durability in mind! The Country Traveller is for me!

I’ve only had one other pair of jeans I enjoyed wearing as much as these. I need to do some research on the company first, but they may be a future blog post. No, I’m not talking about the JNCOs I wore in high school. As cools as those were, it was never comfortable. Not like JC Denim. Not like these jeans.

Want great jeans that do good in the world? JC Denim should ABSOLUTELY be your first stop.


  1. David, thank you for this great article. I bought my husband, Justin a pair of JC’s Vangurd’s last month, because of your opinion. They fit him perfectly except for length, he looks sexy in them, and they are really high-quality. My only wish is that the company would have provided an email with tracking info, as I did have to wait nearly 3 weeks for them to cross the ocean. I am really satisfied with my purchase & glad I could support DR.

    1. Glad he looks sexy in them. 🙂
      Yeah… the tracking issue is interesting for sure. Definitely hard to wait patiently when you don’t know how long it will be, or even that they are on the way. Glad you like them. Which fit did you get? Marah said they were skinnier legs than mine – contributing to the sexy.

      In your email, you asked about some dressier male clothing options. I was actually researching the same thing. I’ll be working on some options and need to get an order before I have a complete answer, but will share what I find. Thanks!

      If anyone has suggestions, I’d love to receive those.

      1. I got him the Vanguard…I didn’t think he was ready for the Jaggers. Thank you for your help! I’m excited to read about your findings.

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