Chew On This Rethreaded Dog Toy

I went to the Just Faith Summit hosted by Shared Hope International a month ago. Representing Destiny Rescue, I was one of a handful of impactful organizations all sharing about our work. Just across the aisle was Rethreaded.

About Rethreaded

I was able to chat with Rethreaded’s founder, Kristin Keen who shared with me how they work in Jacksonville, Florida to give employment for women who come out of the sex trade and how they support growth to add more opportunities by selling products made by women from around the world who have also found freedom. Sounds like Rethreaded and Destiny Rescue should be good friends, huh?

I really enjoyed Kristin. We have some mutual friends from her time helping to launch Sari Bari whom I mentioned in my Get Ethical With Your Money post. We mostly talked shop – partnership opportunities, struggles, and successes. It’s the good stuff that bonds people through shared experiences. Kristin is good people, and I love this work so much.

Love is the transforming agent of Rethreaded. We seek to love others unconditionally, healthfully, and in a way that speaks to the source of our Love.
– one of Rethreaded’s Core Values

In a culture that values the strength of “manhood” I continue to find strength not in those traditional expected things, but in the compassion of individuals. There’s nothing wrong with trucks, hunting, beards, or any other hobby we would tend to stereotypically label as “manly,” but at the core, what is necessary for every man and every human being to thrive is love.

Through love is acceptance, healing, relationship, community, forgiveness, peace… lots of good things. We change the world with love. It motivates everything good.

Alright, I don’t want to take away from the purpose of my post. I only wanted to point to how valuable and strong these survivors are. I will always stand with people like Kristin who will look past the twisting life brings to see the value in each person. Keep going, Kristin. I’m absolutely in your corner!

Time to combine two things I love. Rethreaded and my dogs, #magnificentmissmillie and #remarkableremylebeau. Check out this video I posted of Millie a while back. Just two fantastic dogs!

The Dogs

I’m always on the lookout for ways to buy meaningful products as well as things that can enhance our lives. Then I saw it! Rethreaded had a great dog toy sitting there just calling out my name.


The chew toy is big. The large model is 18 inches long and is nice and thick. it feels very strong, but soft at the same time. It’s exactly what you would expect from a product made from up-cycled t-shirts.


It has great color and quality and comes with a tag that explains the Rethreaded work. I’d love to know how they make these things. I’ve tried to make toys for our dogs from some of our old shirts and pants. They never hold and are soon shredded. These are tough dogs and play hard, but the t-shirt material stretched and held as I started playing with them.


At $25, the large dog chew toy is not cheap, but the value for products is absolutely there. Everything comes down to how strong this toy really is. It feels like it will last. Millie and Remy were excited to start playing and they’ve had the toy for two hours now, and it’s still holding up. Time will tell, but I’m hopeful. I’ll try to remember to give an update soon, if it makes it through the night. I’m watching Remy go to town on it right now.

We need more products like these to bring impact into the simple things in life. I’m glad to have met these remarkable people. Millie and Remy really love their new chew toy from Rethreaded too.