A Messenger Bag That Pays 5x

If CAUSEGEAR®, keep making bags like this one, I believe they’ll hit your mark to “transform the lives of one million people.”

CAUSEGEAR® is the Human Justice brand designed in Chicago and made in India. Our mission is to transform the lives of one million people trapped in unfathomable poverty & injustice to become self-sustaining.


I haven’t been as excited to share about a product since working on the JC Denim Project post back in October. I still love those jeans, and I sincerely doubt a product will dethrone them from being my very favorite item I’ve shared on my blog. However, this bag is a close second.


Although I do spend some time on the road and away from home in my job, one benefit is the opportunity to meet leaders and people sacrificing to make the world a better place. During the Global Leadership Summit last year, hosted by the Willow Creek Association, a gentlemen came to my booth for a chat.

I remember an energetic, casually dressed guy sporting a really great, brightly colored backpack asking questions about Destiny Rescue’s operations in India. He told me about his work to employ people, but not just employing them, but paying them 5 times the typical wage to break the cycle of poverty and completely change their lives. He mentioned how they make bags and I asked if that’s what he had on his back.

He rolled the bag off of his right shoulder and showed me the face of an Indian man printed on a patch inside the bag. He explained how their program worked and how others like him are improving their situation by making great products like his bag.

It really was great. I knew then I’d have one of my own some day. We finished our talk and he left.

A Tiny Rant and A Few Great Bags

Fast forward now to just a couple of months ago. I was at a global market featuring fair trade and other helpful products from around the world. I had my Destiny Rescue Jewelry all set up and took a stroll around the building to see what others had to offer.

Stating the obvious here, I am a male. I believe very much in the need to make ethical shopping decisions to support businesses interested in preserving dignity, equity, and livable wages. My problem is that I find a frustrating lack of products for men. I totally get it. The reality is that women are a better market. I found a host of great products, but other than a wallet and some coffee, only one booth had products for me. A wall of CAUSEGEAR® products sent me to their website and then to my phone to tell my wife, Marah what bag I would want to buy.

We need more products like CAUSEGEAR®. I know that’s a challenge because more women are leading the way in this area. As a result, not many men are aware, active, and available as potential customers, but we can’t attract men to take part if we have nothing to offer them.

– end of rant

Christmas Came Early

Actually, it does every year in the Grant household. We both get so excited about what we got for each other that we just can’t wait. I knew Marah had mine hidden somewhere. One evening, she couldn’t wait any longer, and…


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My Review

I have the Taupe Messenger Bag (now sold out). At $139, it’s not a cheap bag, but the pricing is really quite reasonable for comparable, quality bags online, and this one is quality. The material is strong and thick. The very best feature I can point to is the strap. I’m used to bags with a clip to connect to the bag. This strap is stitched into the bag and feels very secure compared to other bags. I feel much more confident my computer won’t fall from my shoulder… yes, that happened with my last bag.

The Bad

Two minor complaints.

  1. The bag is tight. My 13 inch computer has no issues sliding in, but with my computer in place, along with my accessories in the other pockets, I have a tough time getting papers into the bag without wrinkling them.
  2. The strap is a bit long. I have it set to the tightest setting and it sits a bit low. I’d like to have my bag sit just a few inches higher.

The Good

Everything else. It’s a great bag. I’ve been really happy with it. I live with my bag, and I love having a quality bag that looks great with me wherever I go.

The Really Good

I’ll let Brad Jeffery, my booth visitor, President, and CEO of CAUSEGEAR® speak for himself:


Learn about the 5x model here.

I love the image of each crafter on the bags. It allows me to feel an even greater connection to the cause and the impact my purchase has on a life. You can eve read the story of each crafter to know even more specifically how your purchase is helping CAUSEGEAR®.

Need a bag? I cannot recommend these enough.

Keep shopping for good!

*Special thanks once again to Marah Grant for the photography. I like you.