These Pants Are Fancy

This was the most challenging shopping I’ve done to this point, although I’ve not yet worked to find ethical underwear for men. Anyone have any leads? For this post, let me tell you about my fancy party suit.

All of my Mom’s immediate family lives in Florida. Oh Florida… particularly on days like the last few with temperatures below zero degrees here in Indiana, I love to visit my family. 😃

Every family has it’s quirks and personalities. My family is absolutely no exception. For me though, I completely enjoy every bit of the color each member of my family brings to the table. First, my aunt who makes me laugh every time we hang out with an astonishing depth and honesty that is rare to find. I have one uncle who is a remarkable business man with immeasurable drive and mystery as I wonder exactly what he’s up to. If you pay attention though, you see a softness and love for his family, even if he won’t try a bit of the food they prepare for him on holidays. Another uncle, with his WAY-COOL wife are the most welcoming and hospitable people I’ve met. The way they care for what seems like every person in his Floridian town, who it seems all know them intimately, has inspired me to grow to care in these same ways. My Grandma commits to give to support ministries from what she has, and is always wanting more connection with us, while reminding me with every call how she prays for us daily. Then there are my two cousins. Jessica, if you’re reading this, I miss everyone else, but if I could steal you and Bryan and drag you up to Indiana against your will, I’d enjoy my days much more. Joe, I smile thinking how you’ve become such a loving father. — These two have provided us with fantastic excuses to escape during the winter months for the past two years. For that, my battered, SAD soul says, “Thank you!” Two weddings in two years. What can we think of for an excuse to visit next year?

I needed to look GREAT for this weeding. I mean, look at who I was going with.

So the search was on for an ethical suit to compliment her navy dress.

After a lot of looking, I found Mark & Spencer’s Plan A

Plan A is our way to help protect the planet – by sourcing responsibly, reducing waste and helping communities. We launched Plan A in January 2007, setting out 100 commitments to achieve in 5 years. We’ve now introduced Plan A 2020 which consists of 100 new, revised and existing commitments, with the ultimate goal of becoming the world’s most sustainable major retailer.
Mark & Spencer — About Plan A

There’s a lot going on with this company. I’d absolutely urge you to take a look at their initiatives to see all the ways this company gives back.

The most striking statement made on this site is how Mark & Spencer see the need for involvement of all kinds. Change comes from commitments beyond the government or businesses, but includes each of us where we are. Check out their partnerships, and particularly this Christmas season through their partnership with Woodland Trust working to recycle Christmas cards.

I wanted a GREAT, tailored suit that did good in the world. I found it.
Look at this model:

If I could look like him… well, Mission accomplished!

So this is what I ordered along with a shirt and tie combo and a pair of shoes.

I had to get myself fitted at a local store. I found the conversion to some of the English measurements to be tricky, while I was afraid the sizing wouldn’t translate well. Other than a disagreement in waist size with the store here, I submitted the measurements as they were. I was right, by the way. 😃

The result – WAY TO GO M&S!

The shoes are great! Comfortable and fit perfectly. The pants are light and fun. They are a so comfortable. The tie is a thick, weave. It’s substantive and vibrant. I’m a fan. The shirt is a great, tailored fit made of thick material. I had a mishap with the ironing board that stained the shirt. I was afraid that I’d ruined it and couldn’t wear it, but some lemon juice and vinegar cleaned things up enough.

My only complaint is the jacket is a bit loose and the positioning of the button a bit high which makes the jacket sit a bit strangely. I’ll have it taken in, but I just didn’t have time before the wedding, so I went with it as it was, even though, due to the jacket issue, I didn’t quite look like the perfect European model.

A good suit costs money. Pricing is right for these suits, and the impact from a company with these initiative is so worth the investment.

We took our outfits out for a spin in the cold before our trip to Florida as a celebration of our upcoming 15th anniversary. I love that something so important to us reflects something so important to who we are as a couple committed to doing what we can to make the world a better place. Thanks Mark & Spencer for doing your part.