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I have an announcement

Last fall

Marah and I were enjoying wine, cheese, and conversation with some friends. We were trading stories, talking personalities, and ideas of how to make the world a better place. Marah and I talked about our time working with Destiny Rescue. The limited time we spent in Southeast Asia has changed our lives. We have relationships with strong, remarkable survivors who now feel like family. Our outlook on our own culture and experience is very different as we’ve partnered with the passion of people to sacrifice to help others.

I am grateful for all the things I learned and am still involved as part of the Anti-Trafficking Bureau working in the Dominican Republic as a supporter and member of the board. As we talked, my friend looked at me and said,


“I don’t think you’re finished with this work yet.”


At the time, I rejected the idea of working for another org thinking, “I’m working for a good company with a lot of opportunity. I did that for a while and that season is over.” But I couldn’t escape the fact that he had identified how I have more life and energy when I talk about working to bring others freedom and opportunity. I logged the conversation away and went on with my night.

Marah hasn’t given up her passion for ending human trafficking either. Our house has become a tour of pictures and paintings from our trips. It’s not just images though. Marah has also been taking marketing pictures for another organization called Sari Bari.

Sarah Lance, founder of Sari Bari, has become a name in our house carrying great respect because of her commitment to serve and empower women in India. We have bright and colorful blankets and pillows made from recycled saris throughout our house. We even let Sarah borrow our truck for a while during a visit to the states from India — although it was a bit embarrassing to find when we got the truck back that the heater wasn’t working when we handed the truck over. Poor Sarah endured more than a month of Indiana winter in a freezing truck. Regardless of our sub-standard loaner vehicle, we’ve been in Sari Bari’s corner.


A couple of months ago

I was asked if I would look over the job description for a position with Sari Bari and submit my resume if I had interest. I spent time learning more about the organization and thinking through my potential fit. Sari Bari is remarkable. I decided if they felt I would be valuable, I’d be honored to bet a part of what they are doing. I applied.


And here I am

Starting tomorrow as I type, I am the Executive Director of Sari Bari USA, a Freedom business offering employment to women and providing high-quality, handmade, sustainable products to people who value creativity, comfort, color, culture, and impactful stories.

This will mean more blog posts from me. I’m still committed to finding great products for men that do good in the world. In fact, I have board shorts, glasses, socks, a blazer, and a tie to blog on in the coming days. I’m excited by how my journey will continue both as I learn how to speak up to encourage investments in quality, sustainable and helpful products for men while learning to support woman who have a powerful voice of their own.

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