Going Organic With Monkee Genes

Monkee Genes is a great source for ethical jeans and pants. I’m really glad to finally be able to feature these as a great way to invest in others and in the world while you shop.

Monkee Genes was created to bring out true rhythm from your natural sensitivity.

We achieve this by using carefully sourced fabrics made by people who care because they are being cared for!

The Monkee Genes design, when all the ingredients are added in, evolves into a piece of clothing which you can’t wait to put back on.


It’s been too long. I promised this post was coming way back June when I vowed I’d find some dress pants to go with my ethical dress shirt from People Tree. By the way, that shirt is definitely awesome. I am excited when I see it come up in my shirt rotation. Yes, I have a rotation. Don’t get distracted by that now. NO TIME! Right now I need to reveal a fantastic pair of dress pants that does good to your legs and the rest of the world.

Monkee Genes-4.jpg

There they are. These are the Men’s Light Sateen Slate Organic Chino Pant from Monkee Genes. That’s not all. It was hard enough to find ethical dress pants so I thought I’d grab a second pair.

Monkee Genes-1.jpg

Here are the Men’s Light Organic Sateen Cocoa Chino Pant. Pretty sweet, huh? I am definitely a fan. I didn’t jump right in with these though. I knew I’d like them because I had already grabbed a pair of their jeans. 

Monkee Genes-6.jpg

These are the Men’s Beat Denim Organic Classic Skinny Jeans

I’ll let Phil Wildbore, Owner and designer of Monkee Genes tell the story. He does a much better job than I could.

Now it’s time for my review

We’ll start with the jeans.

These are definitely a completely different experience from my JC Denim jeans (now Outland Denim). These jeans are made in Indonesia… which I have no idea how that might impact the jeans themselves, but I suppose it makes sense that jeans made in Cambodia would feel different.

I wear 32×34 pants for pretty much all of my pants. I grabbed the 32″L from Monkee Jeans and the fit is perfect. BOY, DO I MEAN PERFECT! See how tight these are? This is my one complaint. Although these are advertised as skinny jeans, looking at the picture on the website is a bit deceiving. Let’s compare:

From the site:

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 8.18.23 PM.png

and my pair:

Monkee Genes-7.jpg

Looking back now, I see it appears they are wearing a larger size and rolling the bottom. Again, the fit is absolutely perfect. Length is right. Waist is just right. It’s just truly a skinny jean. As one pushing 35, I’m feeling I’ve outgrown this kind of clothing. I might go for the slim fit in the future. I won’t ding Monkee Genes on this one. I ordered skinny and I got skinny.

This is the most significant aspect of these pants, and not just the jeans. These pants are light. They have a great, comforable feel. Not a heavy and warm material, but a really light, flexible, and comfortable feel. Phil Wildbore and the folks at Monkee Genes got it right. I really do enjoy putting these pants on. This goes for the chino pants as well. They are soft, comfortable, light, flexible and they fit.

Just to bounce back to fit for the chino pants briefly, the fit and the cut is great. Possibley the waist is a bit large for a 32. I do have a bit of extra room that I shouldn’t, but they are a great, straight leg that looks and feels great.

The jeans were $100 usd by the time they arrived at my door. The chinos were the same price, but since I ordered them together, I saved a bit on shipping and had both pairs in hand for $185.24. Not cheap, but quality, and even more, socially conscious quality isn’t cheap. I’m sure you’ve seen that on my site if you’ve looked around at my other posts. It’s an invesment for sure, but so far, I’ve had great luck with my purchases. I’ve only had one item I’ve posted wear out, and it was due to normal use, so I’m not even going to share what it was. I’ve had to save a bit more, but it’s satisfying to know what you’re getting and giving by ensuring jobs and a better world.

Here are a few more pictures:


One Last Announcement:

Maybe these aren’t dressy enough for you, Amanda. 🙂
Hold on. I have one more purchase to share that’ll take the fancy all the way to 11!


  1. Well I am just thrilled to pieces at this review. I absolutely love these jeans/dress pants & im just wishing they made shirts as well. They look like they fit really well & are cut to match current fashion.
    Given Justin’s typical dress-code, I can’t imagine getting him into something more fancy than a chino, but I can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sterling-silver-cufflinked-sleeve. 🙂
    Thank you for the time & effort to make this post. It really is sooooo helpful. I hadn’t found any of these companies in the research I did.

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