Fair Trade Dress Shirt from Brothers We Stand

First – Finding Ethical Dress Clothes for Men

Amanda, this was definitely a challenge. The reason I decided to write these blog posts is because of how difficult it is to find great products for men that are ethical and “do good” in the world.

You can read more about my commitment here.

It really isn’t terribly hard to find good clothes, but add a budget in the mix, and dress clothes for men becomes a different story. But, for my friend Justin, I will search high and low to make him look finer than frog hair (I had to do a bit of slang research to find the right phrase there).

Then Along Came Brothers We Stand

Our vision is to support you to build a wardrobe of stylish and sustainably made menswear.

We carry out rigorous research and every product in our collection meets the following three standards:

  • Ethical production – Manufacture respects both people and planet.

  • Designed to please – Products look good and perform the jobs they were created to do.

  • Created to last – Clothes are made to be enjoyed for many years.

Find out more here.

If you’re interested in quality ethical clothes, you’ve got to check out Brothers We Stand. There is more variety here than anything I’ve found anywhere. I’d definitely recommend starting here if you are on the search for some great ethical clothing.

I’m still working to complete the outfit with a pair of dress pants from a different source, but I had to start getting fancy with a shirt from Brothers We Stand. I landed on the PEOPLE TREE ORGANIC DOT SHIRT IN BLUE.

At about $115 USD, it’s not an inexpensive shirt, but it looked great in the pictures, and something about the British Pound made it look more affordable. I can do £78.00. You see it too, right?

Alright… the fun part is unboxing.

Brothers We Stand

The order came in an earthy, branded, folded bag. I really love how fair trade companies find simple ways to deliver products in a way that makes you feel like you’re giving the earth a hug by unwrapping. Check out the eco-friendly decal…

BWS Packaging

Once inside, I found my shirt along with one other item I purchased – that you’ll have to wait for my next post for the reveal – with a personalized letter about my shirt.

People Tree Dot 1

Nice touch, friends at BWS. I’m a sucker for this kind of thing.

After thanking me, the letter outlines the impact I made with my purchase:

Your People Tree organic dot shirt was made by Mandal Apparels in Pondicherry, South India. Founder Anjali Schiavina set up the business in 2002 with one tailor and the dream to create a sustainable enterprise with a balance between social, environmental, and economic concerns. Today the business provides a safe and positive place to work for 195 people. The factory is Fair Trade certified and working hours are kept to healthy numbers and workers are paid above the minimum wage.

It then goes on to explain the sourcing of the organic material. Way to go, Brothers We Stand. Your letter makes my investment more personally impactful and valuable.

People Tree provides even more information explaining how the shirt is carbon neutral while proudly displaying the Global Organic Textile Standard and the World Fair Trade Organization label.

I expect I may write a future blog with another piece from People Tree. They have some great products and a great mission.

People Tree aims to be 100% Fair Trade throughout our supply chain. People Tree purchases Fair Trade products from marginalized producer groups in the developing world.

Find out more here.

Now for the goods!

People Tree Dot 6

Forgive the creases. This is right out of the bag. Just imagine how great this would look on this guy!

People Tree Dot 7

I ordered the medium, and with a bit more running, it’s going to be a perfect fit. As it is, just a bit tight, but it really feels great. The sizing is right, and the claims about quality are definitely true. The shirt feels substantial.

Look Good. Feel Good.

I believe it! Way to back up your claim, People Tree.

This might be the highest quality shirt I’ve ever owned. I’m so glad to have found Brothers We Stand.

When you go here to shop, enter my name “David Grant” – if you forgot – at checkout and you’ll get 15% off your order AND I’ll get a store credit. That’s pretty cool!

Also, did you spot my next blog post?


  1. David!! You made Justin positively giggle! This is exciting because you did a lot of work that I don’t have to do now (thank you!) and you are so sweet to love my Just so much. (The giggle came at the “finer than frog hair” comment.) You are the best. Also, you look nice in your shirt & you could drink whole milk if you wanted to.

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