About Me

This is a place for you to find encouragement to develop. I hope, as you read through posts or check out resources, that it inspires purpose and creativity for you to find your voice in the unique beauty you bring to to the world. I want to always grow, and I want to invite you to join me in doing the same.

You’ll notice as you hop around that I have a couple important projects and interests to investigate. First, I’ve made commitments with my clothing purchases to do what is best for others by finding companies that are intentionally working to do good and make the world a better place. Read this post to find out where it all started.

Second, if you are looking for some background music or worship tracks, I hope to post them in my store.

Finally, I’ll be working on two additional projects that I definitely think are worth bookmarking.

  • Lead Guitar School is a place to learn how to play lead guitar utilizing a method strengthening aural skills to hear and feel your music.
  • Big Green App is your Evernote productivity resource. Learn to manage your time and tasks with Evernote.

Along the way, I’ll be posting to my blog on the homepage to just say what I need to say.

I hope to hear if any of these tools is valuable to you.

Most importantly though, let’s get out there and create!